Two New Tires
Michael, Stockbridge, GA
4 year(s) ago

I needed my front tires replaced. The first place I checked out was Discount Tires, because I already had a credit card with them. I was shocked at the cost and decided to check out Berto's. They took care of me quickly and beat my initial price by far!

Flat Tire Repais/New Tires
Eryn , Stockbridge, Ga
4 year(s) ago
I pulled up to Beto’s right as they were closing with a flat tire. Without hesitation they removed the tire and began to search for the cause. They finally found the hole, sealed it and sent me on my way. I was so thankful they took the extra time from their families to help me. The next day I was able to order two new tires at a very reasonable price and have them replaced in less than thirty minutes. I will definitely be returning for future needs.

Kedra , Stockbridge Ga
4 year(s) ago

Came in to get two tires ! Service was quick and professional and the prices are extremely reasonable !!!

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